Protection in case of abuse and violence
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Protection in case of abuse and violence


Gehrer Technology

The FoamDefender was developed by Gehrer in Switzerland and is an intelligent foam system to protect cash and valuables during a robbery. Security containers such as safes are foamed out in the shortest possible time after automatic or manual activation of the system. The rapid hardening protects your valuables by making it impossible to remove them quickly. In addition, the adhesive effect of the foam has the advantage that it makes it much more difficult to break into the security container. The perpetrators therefore need much more time for the robbery.

Your advantages

The Gehrer FoamDefender can be used flexibly in a wide variety of containers. If the security system is triggered, we guarantee that your cash or valuables are not damaged and that there is no danger to people or the environment at any time.

Our experience shows that our customers prefer to combine the FoamDefender with other technologies such as IBNS (security ink), alarm or the GEHRER GPS Live Tracking.

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Strengthened foam is scraped off with crowbar