For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

STORK Cash Delivery System

End-to-end process, ideal for one man crews

How it works

Up to twenty pre-packed cash deliveries can be made securely with the STORK delivery system. The VIPER transport box for securing the pavement crossing is part of the STORK and it is safely stored in the STORK. STORK and VIPER are both IBNS ink protected. The concept is suitable for soft skin and armoured vehicles.

At the cash centre/CIT Base, the STORK is loaded with the individual cash bags that is scheduled for delivery for that particular day/route. At the point of delivery, the nominated cash tray is released electronically. The cash bag automatically loads into the VIPER Cash Box for safe cross-pavement delivery. Both the STORK and VIPER Cash Box are protected with bag rippers and ink and completely unaccessible to criminals and the custodian performing the service


  • Complete end-to-end process, the custodian has no access to the cash
  • Ideal for one man crews
  • Ideal for soft skin and armoured vehicles
  • Ideal for cash deliveries and ATM top-up replenishment
  • For up to 20 deliveries
  • IBNS ink protection in STORK and VIPER
  • Protected against sabotage, break open, snatching
  • Acoustic signals and loud siren
  • Easy to use with intuitive LCD touch screen
  • STORK can be operated from outside the vehicle, for example through the vehicle’s sliding door
  • Backup battery for autonomy and security
  • STORK and VIPER are robust, reliable and durable
  • Upgradeable for cash collections

Versions and options

  • Additional protection of values by SPIDER (Polyurethane Foam)
  • Additional protection layers can be added using GEHRER’s NEBULA (fogging system for vehicles)
  • Various IBNS ink types for cotton, polymer or hybrid notes available in various colours
  • Clear identification of ink by using DNA or mineral tracers
  • Backward safe orientation (rotated by 180°)
  • Integration possible to existing vehicle security systems ie. biometrics, GPS tracking or remote activation through external signals
  • Activation of STORK by external signal
  • Further attack detection sensors can be included (water, gas, etc.) including BOOMSENSOR for detecting explosions
  • By adding the LION (Cash Collector) a vehicle can be upgraded to a 100% end-to-end operation for collections and deliveries
  • Additional services for example maintenance contracts and E-Learning for operational crew is available

Technical specifications

Number of compartments: 20 pc
Number of banknotes: 2‘200 banknotes per compartment, total 44‘000 banknotes
Height: 119 cm
Width: 94 cm
Depth: 94 cm
Weight: 165 kg (including VIPER and installation material)
Touch screen
IBNS ink protection