For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

CASHPACK - To secure your cash

The CashPack will be handed over to the perpetrator together with the other money.
A smooth course of action is provided to protect employees and customers from possible violence.

CashPack - the reliable system to protect your branch!

The color smoke system is suitable for securing the cash balance in checkout and safe and has been developed for use in banking, retail, petrol stations, post offices, etc.

Hidden between real money bills, the CashPack is in the middle of the loose cash stock for the perpetrator. The cashier follows the instructions of the perpetrator and hands over the money. A smooth course of action is provided to protect employees and customers from possible violence. Even if the perpetrator himself reaches the cash desk and he knows systems of this kind, the CashPack is difficult to recognize due to the physical properties and the time pressure.


  • Protection of the branch - repeat offenders will be discouraged.
  • The money is marked and devalued for the offender.
  • The coloured smoke attracts the attention - in many cases the booty is left behind.
  • Simple use - the cashier has just to hand out the money.
  • It is ensured that the activation happens only if the attacker leaves the building.
    Thanks to a bidirectional communication a re-entry into the building is detected.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Reliable system thanks to a battery backup of the emitter and additional time and movement algorithms of the CashPack.


  • TracerDots for a clear identification of the money and the offender.
  • With outdoor cash boxes like in kiosks the CASHPACK can be installed without emitter. The activation happens through detection of a specific movements of the CASHPACK.
  • For special applications the CASHPACK can also be activated by a wireless hand emitter.

Installation of the CASHPACK

Installation des CASHPACK

For multiple CASHPACK only one emitter has to be installed! The activation of the CASHPACK happens only outside of the emitter coverage, which is adjustable up to 80 meters!