For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

SQUID - Ink protection solution for ATM’s

Simple yet effective ATM protection against blast attacks

Stains the notes inside the cassette with security ink

The SQUID is the only effective solution against the increasing number of ATM bombings. Conventional inking units often fail in the event of an explosion, as the high speed of the blast shock-wave destroys the triggering systems before the ink is released. The SQUID was designed as a simple yet effective deterrent against bombings as the ink bottles ruptures instantly in the event of a blast attack when using either solid or gas explosives.
Equipping your ATM cassettes with SQUID is simple as the ink bottles are installed inside the ATM cassette lid and does not require any modification whatsoever to the cassette lids.
The SQUID is characterized by low investment and low maintenance costs. Since the SQUID is a purely passive system there is no infringement on the cassettes’ note capacity nor are there any requirements to install electronic sensors, pyrotechnics or additional energy supply to the SQUID system. 

Its basic features are

  • Stains banknotes effectively and permanently in the event of a blast attack
  • The SQUID is passive and requires neither sensors, pyrotechnics, controls or energy supply
  • The existing cassettes can easily be retrofitted with the SQUID
  • No false activations when filling or swapping the cassettes
  • Double the ink volume compared to conventional active ink systems, which ensures a higher level of staining
  • Absolutely independent of weather conditions or power interruptions
  • The ATM cassettes can be filled with the maximum number of banknotes as the SQUID system fits into the cassette lid only
  • Field proven in harsh conditions with robust reliability and long lifespan

Versions and options

  • Different variants for all common ATM cassettes
  • Various IBNS ink types for cotton, polymer or hybrid notes available in different colours
  • Clear identification of ink by using DNA or mineral tracers
  • Additional services for maintenance contracts, leasing options or on site installation are available

Technical specifications

Compatible ATMs ATMs from all major manufacturers
Colour of the security ink Dark green or customer specific
Toxicity of security ink Harmless, with certificate