Protection in case of abuse and violence
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Protection in case of abuse and violence

IBNS (security ink)

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This extremely popular and highly effective technology is used when transporting cash. The Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System (IBNS) offers reliable protection and is a widely accepted method in the industry. If violence is used, the transported goods - i.e. the banknotes - are splashed with a security ink. This offers maximum protection and cannot be washed out. Once the technology is activated, the banknotes are permanently marked and neutralized. 

Your advantages

Colored banknotes are no longer useful as a payment method worldwide and are therefore worthless for the offenders. Only you as the legal owner of the cash can exchange the neutralized banknotes at the respective National Bank. Thus IBNS offers you the highest security with no loss of value.

We, at Gehrer, are convinced that this state-of-the-art technology is the best way to protect cash and we aim to further establish IBNS and optimize the flow of information to national banks and politicians. Therefore, we are very proud to be founding members of EURICPA. With the "European Intelligent Cash Protection Association" we have succeeded in making IBNS a European standard. The transport and storage of cash across international borders has thus been massively simplified.

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