Tamper-proof and sealed
Optimal protection for safe transport
Tamper-proof and sealed


Safebags are an optimal protection for the safe transport and storage of money or valuables. The tamper-resistant and sealed safebags are used for the safe transport of money and values.

Sealed Safebags

The tamper-proof safebags are available in customized, personalized and tailor-made designs (for example, seal tear-off, receipt slip, logo, etc.). You order the optimal suitable safebag for your application. The tamper-resistant and sealed safebags are used for the secure transport of money and valuable goods as well as for the sealing of valuables.

Numbered Talon

The safebags with numbered talon and / or text fields are tamper-proof, and are used for identification purposes. The application field is very broad and ranges from the value transporters to the public hand and many more.

Tracking the bag

With numbered taps, the security and tracking of each bag and its legally sealed contents are ensured at all times. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to analyze your project to define the optimal safebag and to produce it accordingly. That you are perfectly equipped for every occasion and application.

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