For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables


Cash collection system, also ideal for deliveries
High security, simple operation, and high cost-effectiveness. Ideal for cash collections in compact, unarmored vehicles. Optionally expandable with a compartment system or an additional safe for deliveries, for example for filling ATMs.

COYOTE - the most efficient solution for unarmored one-man logistics

The COYOTE is suitable for cash pickups in compact unarmored vehicles. The courier sets off for the customer with the VIPER transport case. At the customer's premises, the cash, packed in security bags, is loaded into the VIPER. With a full suitcase, the messenger makes his way back to the vehicle, the sidewalk risk is covered by the VIPER. In the vehicle, the VIPER is automatically unlocked in the holder, the messenger transfers the cash into the lock of the COYOTE safe and has no access to the values afterwards. This transfer takes place with the vehicle doors closed and is recorded by an integrated camera. This concept with massively reduced risks is classified as a quasi-end-to-end process.

Main features

  • Near end-to-end process, the custodian has limited access to the cash under CCTV surveillance
  • Ideal for one man crews
  • Ideal for soft skin and armoured vehicles
  • Unlimited number of collections
  • No keys required for collections
  • IBNS ink protection in COYOTE and VIPER
  • Protected against sabotage, break open, snatching
  • Acoustic signals and loud siren
  • Large sluice, up to 3‘500 banknotes per drop
  • The sluice is electronically protected, opening command by electronic key or by pressing a button
  • Please refer to our corresponding leaflet for more information on the VIPER box
  • Backup battery for autonomy and security
  • Simple to use
  • Robust, reliable, long life span

Versions and options

  • COYOTE safe and VIPER box available in different sizes to meet client requirements
  • COYOTE is available without VIPER
  • CCTV camera for recording the transfer of the cash
  • GECKO locker or GORILLA safe for different types of cash deliveries ie. ATM replenishment or retail cash floats
  • Additional protection layers can be added using GEHRER’s FOAM DEFENDER (Polyurethan Foam System) or GEHRER’s NEBULA (fogging system for vehicles)
  • Various IBNS ink types for cotton, polymer or hybrid notes available in various colours
  • Clear identification of ink by using DNA or mineral tracers
  • Mechanic and/or electronic safe lock (OTC one time code, iButton, unlocking by external signal, customer specific locks)
  • Integration possible to existing vehicle security systems ie. biometrics, GPS tracking or remote activation through external signals
  • Further attack detection sensors can be included (water, gas etc.) including BOOMSENSOR for detecting explosions
  • Additional services for example maintenance contracts and E-Learning for operational crew is available


The COYOTE can be supplemented by a compartment system or an additional safe also for deliveries, for example for filling ATMs.

Technical specifications

Safe size

Volume difference in relation to size M











VIPER size

Number of banknotes, reference EUR50 70x140mm









Empty weight COYOTE from 75 kg (including VIPER and holder, from 85 kg)