For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

COBRA - ATM-Cassette Carrying Case

For the safe transport of ATM cassettes, compatible (without adjustments) for all commercially available sizes.
The COBRA security system ensures that banknotes are colored in the case of attacks. Time monitoring and connection to the messenger guarantee maximum security.

Stains the notes inside the cassette with security ink

Abuse or attack will automatically start the alarm and followed by the ignition of the ink system. The bank notes in the ATM-Cassette will be permanently marked by the security ink and are therefore worthless to the thief.

Its basic features are:

  • Easy handling
  • Can work with any plastic ATM cassettes
  • The COBRA security system penetrates the ATM cassette
  • Time controlled
  • Cannot be manipulated


  • COBRA Security Case
  • Electronic key
  • Holder in the vehicle for the COBRA Security Case
  • Racks in the vehicle for the transport of the ATM cassettes
  • Surface protection (optional)


  • Ideal for the safe transport of different sizes of ATM plastic cassettes
  • No modification of the ATM cassettes required
  • Simple pre-programming prevents incorrect operation and complicity
  • The «High Speed Penetration» - security ink colours all the bank notes in the cassette
  • Inexpensive and low investment makes it an economical yet safe method of transporting ATM-cassettes

Dimensions and weight

External dimensions, mm Width Depth Height Weight
COBRA Security Case 360 155 615 8,5 kg