Benefit from our experience
Locking systems guarantee safety
Benefit from our experience

Key systems

We have many years of experience with all standard locking systems. Let us advise you, we will gladly define with you the opening and closing system suitable for your application.

Cylinder systems

We have many years of experience with all standard locking systems. Some examples are: The «cylinder systems» of renowned manufacturers are the conventional, reliable hardware cylinders with matching numbered keys (defined by a customer-specific lock plan), which can easily be installed anywhere. We generate specific key plans per customer in order to ensure that, in the event of a loss, exchange leads to minor consequential costs. An important goal is also to reduce the number of keys as far as possible.


The «RFID-Patch - Radio Frequency Identification Patch» is the ideal technology for intelligent locking systems and has been designed for comfortable, non-contact and contactless data transmission (messenger steps, access control and person control) and operates without energy source. The RFID patch is an electronic opening and closing system which can be quickly and permanently fixed and customer-specific programmed. The activation of the opening mechanism is effected by approximation. The communication is established and the opening process starts. After a defined time, the locking cylinder will automatically be locked again.

Dallas-/ Touch Keys

The «Dallas-/Touch Keys» are electronic keys with a programmed iButton, which is used to confirm the release of the box door or flap, with an entitled and valid iButton. Here again, we define specific closing plans per customer. If a key is lost, the customer can conveniently delete the relevant keys on his or her valuables.


The IR «InfraRed» interface is a non-contact bidirectional point-to-point communication. The advantage of this communication is that it is physically used in a very narrow space; an unintended recording of the encrypted signal is not possible. This communication is used, for example, when opening the Viper safety suitcase. The customer can conveniently open the suitcases via his handheld. For this purpose, for example, the driving code and a one-time code (which the end customer - i.e. the recipient of the value - has received by SMS) must be entered into the handheld.

Other lock systems

Gehrer AG has many other lock systems in the assortment, following an extract:

  • OTC "One Time Code" locks
  • Lock systems, which can be opened by remote control
  • Locks, where the opening is tied to a certain place
  • Integration of locks from other manufacturers
  • etc.

Contact us - we have the right lock system for your application!