For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

LION Cash Collector - The King of Cash

High security, easy handling, high efficiency and forced control of the system. The customer-specific programming provides the highest security. 80 and more pickups per day in unarmored one-man operation. With only one Viper value transport case. World record!

LION Cash Collector - the king of cash!

The LION Cash Collector is an in-expensive systems for cash collecting as well as for the safe depositing of this cash and its secure transportation in a non-armoured vehicle. Having collected the «bagged» money from the customer, the courier returns to the vehicle and slides the VIPER into the LION. The content of the VIPER drops automatically under control into the safe of the LION. The courier never has any access to the collected goods and there are frauds checks within the system.
Any attack or illegal act by either the courier or an assailant, will automatically start the appropriate alarm system: pre-warning, loud sounder and the dispersal of the security ink in order to colour the contents both in the VIPER and the LION.

Its basic features are:

  • Single person operation
  • The LION Cash Collector is designed to be used in non-armored and semi-armored vehicles
  • The LION is a completely keyless system
  • Optionally electronic keys in form of touchkeys at the customers location
  • Pavement protection
  • Deposited cash securely transported within the vehicle
  • Cash removal at the cash center only
  • Prevents the CIT crew from accessing the cash at any time
  • Can be integrated with the vehicle's alarm system

The LION Cash Collector consists of

  • VIPER as a protection across the pavement
  • LION as a protection in the vehicle

Ordinary standard van type vehicles, with no specific preparation can be used to carry the lightweight LION Cash Collector. The LION can be removed and re-installed quickly and easily in other vehicles.


The LION Cash Collector can be combined with multiple VIPER in racks, providing a secure and cost-effective solution for picking up money. Thanks to the LION, completely new vehicle configurations were launched. Where armored vehicles and at least two people were needed, the LION Cash Collector can be operated by one person in a unarmoured vehicle.

Protective device

  • Automatic anti-snatch protection against the pavement risk
  • Pre-set time limits against hostage attack
  • Sound alarm and ink dyeing within VIPER and LION
  • Surface and anti-tamper protection in the VIPER and the LION
  • Dispenses a large volume of security ink to stain all the bank notes
  • The LION Cash Collector can optionally be integrated into the vehicle security system

Fully automatic functioning of the entire system. Lower vehicle maintenance costs. The customer specific software allows for the downloading of Information for auditing and event management.

Protective functions

  • Protection of the cash against theft and robbery
  • Protects the Courier against attack, whether from duress, violence or kidnapping
  • Eliminates complicity and insider thef
  • If attacked, the VIPER or the LION open the bagged money and spray it with security ink
  • Option: external warning red smoke alarm

Dimensions and weight

depending on model and specification