Let's make a difference
Gehrer - Built for eternity
Let's make a difference


Sustainability is becoming more and more important today and has always been a high priority for Gehrer since its foundation.


The Gehrer sustainability in the different areas:

High-quality material

We only use high-quality materials to ensure highest quality products with a longlife cicle. This has been a Gehrer principle for years.

Short transport distances

We produce in Switzerland and most of our raw material suppliers are within a short distance form our production location in Siebnen.


Our products are handemade. For each production step, we take great care and attention details and most is done by hand.

Rebuild / Upgrade

Gehrer products are built for eternity and are non-disposable products. Our devices are designed to be rebuild even after an activation. This not only saves money, but also contributes to waste reduction and environmental protection.

This is not enough

With each rebuild and/or upgrade, we get one step closer to our policy of making the world a safer place. So that many more generations can experience the world as a safe place, we plant a tree for each rebuild and upgrade in cooperation with the non-profit organization ONETREEPLANTED


This means:


1 electronic safe reubild / upgrade = 5 trees

1 handheld device rebuild / upgrade = 1 tree


Let's plant trees!

We are your partner

Our products are as individual as our customers. That is the reason we always produce our products according and tailored to your needs. We also ensure that our products fit into the overall concept of our customers. We want to be your partner when it comes to the security of money, value transport and value retention.