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Smoke Signals May 2021

BOOMSENSOR and NEBULA - this duo makes life difficult for thieves

In individual customer discussions, we are increasingly noticing a need to combine different GEHRER technologies. That is why we are showing you two compatible products today: Link the BOOMSENSOR with NEBULA and get not only a reliable detection of the robbery but at the same time an effective defense.


Smoke Signals March 2021

NEW! MOSQUITO – for secure transportation of banknotes

Our new MOSQUITO allows the transport of cash in a secure, simple and cost-effective way.

The MOSQUITO is particularly made for people and companies that do transport and carry banknotes only occasionally. 


Smoke Signals February 2021

We make a difference - thank you for your support!

For every rebuild and/or upgrade of a GEHRER product, trees are planted. Our commitment is long-term, because even in difficult years such as 2020, we do not want to forget nature but make our contribution to an intact environment.

We are pleased that, thanks to our loyal partners and a generous donation from our side, in 2020, we were able to plant more than 500 trees.


Smoke Signals September 2020

Remaining competitive in times of lower cash circulation

In these difficult times with COVID-19 our cash industry is affected in a severe way – a survey among CIT companies in Europe has shown that the circulation of banknotes has dropped in average of 20% compared to before the crises. A return to the previous volumes within reasonable times is unlikely.

Nevertheless, cash will not disappear and cash in transit will persist. 


Smoke Signals January 2020

Last year we planted trees for every rebuild and/or upgrade of a Gehrer device all over the world together with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

Thanks to our loyal partners and a generous donation on our part, we were able to plant more than 800 trees


Smoke Signals July 2019

Gehrer sustainability - Let's plant trees

Join us in saving the environment while saving costs

Today, we live in a throw-away society. Each year, pressure on the environment gets bigger. But together we can make a difference. Join us in making a difference and help us, not only to make the world a safer, but also a better place.

You need to rebuild or upgrade your Gehrer device?


Smoke Signals February 2019

Study to cash payments

The Deutsche Bundesbank recently published a study to analyze the costs of cash transactions in retail business.

Most important: Cash transactions are faster and cheaper 75% of the transaction in German retail business are done in cash!


Smoke Signals September 2018

Gehrer - your innovative partner - introduces

Gecko - Valuable Rack System with the established Gehrer ink technology

Security Essen was a great success and we were delighted to meet many of our customers and partners.

To mark the 40 years of Gehrer AG, it is our pleasure to introduce our latest innovation: