Protection in case of abuse and violence
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Protection in case of abuse and violence

Gehrer Technologies

In case of abuse or violence, you can rely on Gehrer products. Because your valuables are efficiently protected by our intelligent technologies. We would be happy to support you in finding the perfect solution for your personal security system.


Standardized integrated in our products, because highly effective. The alarm system from Gehrer efficiently deters offenders.

Alarm vor weissem Hintergrund

IBNS (security ink)

Our recommendation for cash transports: The IBNS neutralizes banknotes in seconds. The offenders have no price for the risk.

Banknoten mit Tinte eingefärbt


The smoke technology from Gehrer complements your personal security system and generates maximum attention.

Red smoke comes from a suitcase on a country road


The water-based fog is perfectly suited for use in closed rooms or vehicles and makes it impossible for the offenders to find their way. 

Fog comes from a suitcase in a parking lot


The FoamDefender makes the quick removal of your valuables considerably more difficult and efficiently deters offenders.

Solidified foam is scraped from a case with a crowbar


The adhesive technology is ideal for use in the transport of bundled banknotes. Within seconds they are worthless.

A bundle of banknotes is glued together with adhesive

DNA marker

The state-of-the-art DNA technology reliably marks perpetrators and stolen goods and supports authorities in their conviction.

Key Systems

We offer all common opening and closing systems - cost-efficient and perfectly adapted to your specific transport of valuables.