For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

GORILLA - Intelligent Lightweight Safe

High security, various application options, economical to run, reduction in overhead.
Forced control system. The values in the GORILLA are dyed by the safety ink and are thus worthless for the thief.
Light weight means that no special requirements are required on the vehicle.

The GORILLA (ILS) is the perfect safe

The GORILLA makes it possible to transport large amounts of money in unarmored vehicles or store them in a stationary location economically and with optimum security. Any misuse or violence will immediately trigger the alarm and ignition of the ink tubes. Any abuse or attack will automatically start the alarm and the ignition of the ink tubes. The valuables will be permanently marked by the security ink and will therefore be worthless to the thief.

Important features are:

  • For transport, only one person required for operation
  • The GORILLA is designed to be used in non-armored or semi-armored vehicles
  • Safe transport of valuables in surface protected box
  • Mechanical lock as standard (option: code-lock system, electronic lock system)
  • When permanently installed, the GORILLA can easily be installed in a new place in case of new room design
  • Interface with integrated power supply (power supply: 12 V from the car, 230 V when permanently installed)
    Standard: Connection possibilities for opening by distance, or ignition from extemal source in emergency case.
    (Option: Connection to the vehicle's electronics for the exchange of data)
  • Cash collection sluice (option)

Special edition GORILLA (ILS)


GORILLA mobile

Mobile GORILLA with electr. site protection. Ideal in applications where the GORILLA needs to be moved.


The GORILLA Tower has mounted two GORILLA on top of each other, in order to save space.

Protective functions

  • Protection of valuables against pilferage, theft and robbery
  • Protection of the Courier against hold-ups, snatching, blackmailing, kidnapping, intimidation, attacks and suspicion
  • Protection against complicity and misuse
  • Protection of the valuables by dyeing with security ink
  • All movements are recorded on the event recorder

Protective devices

  • Alarm and security ink
  • Surface protection and protection against breaking the stable box
  • Removal protection
  • Mechanical lock
  • Electronic lock (option)
  • Code lock (option)
  • The GORILLA can optionally be integrated by a serial interface (GPS/GSM) into the safety system of the vehicle

Dimensions and weight

depending on model and specification