For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables


TURTLE is a modular security container for the secure transport and storage of cash as well as valuables such as precious metals, tobacco, documents, medicines, and consumer electronics.

Modular containment system

Thanks to the modular design of the TURTLE, the customer is free to decide which size and security options the security container should have. The TURTLE is equipped with a patented, mechanical security lock as standard and can be optionally upgraded to an electronic lock.

Main features and areas of applications

Main features

  • Aluminum container with spring-loaded folding handle, hinge on the back side
  • Mechanical, patented lock, optional electronic lock with data logger
  • Lightweight construction, for high vehicle payload
  • Modular design for customer specific needs


  • For transporting and storing cash as well as valuables such as precious metals, tobacco, documents, medicines and consumer electronics
  • For collecting valuables in supermarkets, airports, amusement parks, etc.
  • For location-secured storage of cash as well as valuables

Versions and options

  • Electronic lock (one-time code, iButton, opening by external signal).
  • Data logger for monitoring of operation, temperature and battery
  • Customized lock
  • Pre and main alarm and LED indicators
  • Ink inking for cash transport
  • Break open and motion sensor
  • Surface protection (reaper detection sensor)
  • GPS/ GSM tracking and remote opening as well as remote release
  • Alternative securing of values with FOAM DEFENDER (foaming)
  • Additional protection of values by NEBULA (fogging)
  • Ignition by external signal
  • Floor anchorage with protection against removal
  • Trolley for transport
  • Additional services such as service contracts or rental¬†

Protective devices (optional)

  • Away time restriction (against hostage taking)
  • Forced kidnapping protection
  • Surface protection
  • Alarm and smoke, fog or ink
  • Sabotage protection
  • Motion detector

Force-controlled safety functions

The safety functions of the TURTLE can be force-programmed and thus prevent any influence by the personnel. This rules out both complicity and blackmail. In any case, the transported goods are beyond the reach of the personnel, thus eliminating any damage to trust.


Size Internal dimensions (length x width x height) in mm External dimensions (LxWxH) in mm Volume in liters Tare weight in kg Payload (max. recommended)
S 620x400x320 655x435x350 80 6.5 40
M 753x553x380 788x588x410 156 9.8 50
L 753x553x580 788x588x610 239 10.8 75


Other and individual sizes on request.