For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables


Fog system - makes it impossible for the perpetrators to orientate themselves and attracts attention!

Application area

Indoors - in buildings or on loading areas of vehicles - the NEBULA is used as a visual protection and to make orientation more difficult. During a robbery, the room is fogged with one or more NEBULA within seconds. The perpetrator can no longer see his own hand, orientation is made impossible. NEBULA leaves only minimal residues after a triggering, which can be easily sucked up. NEBULA is used in banks, commercial buildings, stores and private households.
On mobile transport equipment NEBULA is used to attract attention. In the event of a robbery, the cloud of fog is visible from a distance, and the perpetrator's escape is made massively more difficult with the smoking transport device. Learn more about this technology here!

Main features

  • Compact and lightweight but with great effect
  • Inexpensive to purchase and maintain
  • Versatile in use
  • NEBULA fogs rooms and loading areas in vehicles within seconds
  • NEBULA attracts attention
  • Can be installed in many devices or in many rooms
  • Compatible with all common alarm systems
  • Suitable for fogging stores, offices, banks, lockers, rooms with safes, etc.
  • Suitable for fogging of cargo spaces in armored and unarmored vehicles, provided that the cargo area is hermetically separated from the driver's compartment
  • When triggered, NEBULA leaves behind only a small film of dust
  • After triggering, NEBULA can be reloaded
  • Robust, reliable, long service life

Versions and options

  • NEBULA Standalone needs only an external ignition signal, the energy for fogging is provided by an internal battery
  • NEBULA Move for mobile use, with remote ignition and integrated acoustic alarm, optionally also with GPS tracking
  • In vehicles NEBULA can be directly coupled with the BOOMSENSOR (explosion sensor)
  • NEBULA is the ideal complement to the GEHRER products LION, COYOTE, GECKO or ILS installed in vehicles.
  • NEBULA is ideally suited for GEHRER's transport equipment: VIPER, COBRA, ETS or BOA
  • Other services such as service contracts

Technical data

  Simple Standalone Move
Energy for activation external source integrated battery integrated battery
For mobile transport devices x x x
For indoor fogging x x  
Smoke volume Up to 100m3, sufficient for opaque fogging of up to 30m3 room volume (for larger rooms several NEBULA are necessary)  
Smoking time 25 seconds
Toxicity non-toxic (with certificate)