For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

NATRIX Cash carrier box

Durable and proven, ideal of one-man logistics

How it works

The NATRIX is used for the safe collection, transportation and delivery of cash by Cash-in-Transit operators or security companies. In the event of an attack, the NATRIX will destroy the contents of the device using indelible ink that cannot be washed from the bank notes. The NATRIX is automatically armed once loaded with cash and can only be opened safely at the safe delivery point by using either special keys or NFC security patches.

This functionality can be used in both armoured or soft skin vehicles enabling true end-to-end cash protection. 


  • Suitable for one-man-crews
  • Suitable for soft-skin and armoured vehicles
  • End-to-End process in soft-skin vehicles
  • Secured against snatching, sabotage, cutting and forced openings
  • IBNS ink protection, including for cash packed in double safebags
  • Loud alarm
  • Programmable walk-times with various alarm signals
  • Simple handling, with intuitive acoustic signals
  • Automatic self-diagnostic test on each closure
  • Up to 150’000 events recorded in audit trail log file
  • Robust, reliable, long life span
  • Can be refurbished after full activation

Versions and options

  • Customizable colours
  • Compatible with the GEHRER’s COYOTE and GECKO
  • NEBULA fogging system can be added to the NATRIX inside the vehicle for additional protection
  • GPS systems available for live and on-demand tracking
  • Various IBNS inks available for all types of notes including polymer & hybrid
  • Ink identification by DNA or mineral tracers
  • Various options of keys available
  • NATRIX in-vehicle racking options are customizable to size and operational requirements
  • Additional services for example maintenance contracts and E-Learning for operational crew is available

Technical specifications

Number of banknotes*: 6‘000
Weight empty: 7.7kg
Outer dimensions: H 32 / W 42 / D 22cm
Key systems: iButton, Keyless (location-secured ELP Patch), RFID, IR, NFC, Double ID
Rack variants: Operation from inside/outside of the vehicle, lockable racks, NATRIX orientation in rack vertical, horizontal or inclined
IBNS ink protection