For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

PANDA Security Bag

Secure, reusable point-to-point solution for internal transport and monitoring of valuables or confidential information

How it works

The PANDA is an innovative security bag for the safe transport and point-to-point monitoring of valuables or confidential information.

The security bag has an integrated security net layer that triggers the battery-powered Bag Sealer siren if the bag is cut open or illegally torn open.

The PANDA bag is sealed and armed with the Bag Sealer and can only be opened with the special lock opening mechanism supplied with the system.


  • Highly secure - highly deterrent
  • Durable, robust and reusable
  • 3-stage alarm system provides triple protection for your cash and valuables
  • Alarm sirens if the security mechanism is tampered with (cutting the bag or breaking the tag)
  • More than 1,000 bag-to-tag connections eliminate the need for traditional stoploss or tamper-evident bags
  • Special bag design ensures high durability
  • Blackout bags ensure that the contents of the bag are not visible

Versions and options

  • The starter package contains: 3 x PANDA A4 bags, 1 x bag sealer with siren, 1 x opener system


Black A4-Security Bag 260mm x 360mm (W x H)
PANDA shutter with siren 190mm x 57mm x 22mm (W x D x H)