For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables


Explosion sensor - for use in vehicles, ATMs or buildings

Application area

The BOOMSENSOR detects strong pressure waves caused by explosions and blasts.
The BOOMSENSOR is used, for example, in armored vehicles of value logistics for the detection of attacks. When an explosion is detected, the BOOMSENSOR emits a corresponding signal. Depending on the model, the BOOMSENSOR is completely energy autonomous and can be used directly to activate IBNS ink systems, smoke and fog cartridges, foam systems or mechanical actuators.

Main features

  • Detection of blasts and explosions
  • Suitable for installation in vehicles, equipment and buildings
  • Proven, in use throughout Europe for many years
  • Designed for harsh use in armored vehicles
  • Robust housing, long service life
  • Floating output for all common control systems
  • Powered by internal battery or external power supply
  • Low energy control components
  • Flexible mounting options

Versions and options

  • Available in 3 different models: "Standalone" model with one power output for ignition of defensive measures.
  • Compatible with NEBULA (fogging of spaces in vehicles and buildings), completely energy-auto- nom
  • Compatible with ACTIVIPER (mechanical actuators), completely energy autonomous
  • Compatible with IBNS ink staining systems, completely energy-autonomous
  • Suitable as additional attack detection for GEHRER products, for example LION, COYOTE or GECKO
  • Ideal for automatic activation of FOAM DEFENDER (foam system for safes and vehicles)
  • Parallel connection of several BOOMSENSOR for increased resistance to external factors

Technical data

BOOMSENSOR model Simple Electronic Standalone
Explosion detection x x x
Indicators for standby/fault   x x
Energy autonomous, ignition power for external devices     x