Protection in case of abuse and violence
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Protection in case of abuse and violence


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This technology causes a stir at the right time. For many years, smoke has been a reliable and extremely effective method of fending off attackers when transporting valuables in public places. In the event of a potential violent attack, the strong development of smoke makes it considerably more difficult to snatch the security case. The technology has a strong signal effect and causes a lot of attention - the enemy of every thief. 

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The conspicuous red smoke not only protects your valuables at the scene of the robbery. If the theft does indeed occur, the smoke also has a coloring effect on banknotes and objects, which significantly limits their future use. Escaping with a vehicle is extremely difficult with a smoking suitcase.

We, at Gehrer, recommend combining smoke and alarm technology for optimum protection of your valuables. Our more than 40 years of industry-specific experience in the transportation of valuables has shown us that visual together with auditory signals efficiently deter the attacker and protect your property in a targeted manner. 

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Red smoke appears from a case on a street