For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables


The mobile solution for foaming vehicle vault protection.
The intelligent foaming system to secure cash and high value asset

How it works

The SPIDER is an innovative security system designed to combat losses of large cargo, be it cash or other high value assets during transportation. If a security vehicle fitted with SPIDERmove is attacked, the cargo area is filled with solid Polyurethane foam within seconds from activation making it impossible for criminals to gain access to the assets on board. This defence measure is very effective against blast and cutting attacks as it fills the vault area in such a way that the force of the blast is absorbed and deflected, leaving the foam and enveloped assets intact.

The SPIDERmove is easily moveable and can be swapped between vehicles using a pallet jack. Further to vehicle vault protection, the SPIDER can also be installed in shipping containers, safety deposit boxes or any high security areas where the assets can be encapsulated with the foam.


  • SPIDERmove is suitable for armoured and soft skin vehicles
  • Variable applications like in banks, containers, deposit locker rooms and vaults
  • The assets remain unharmed when encapsulated with the foam and can be retrieved by the rightful owners. This process can take a long time to chip and cut away the foam
  • Once triggered, the SPIDER blinds the area of interest making it difficult for the attackers to locate the assets in the foam
  • Foam forming and hardening within seconds
  • Depending on the design of the safe or the vehicle, the foam will bond access doors making it very difficult to open
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for installation in smaller vehicles in order to maximise payload
  • Backup battery for autonomy and security
  • The log-file records all events
  • Easy to maintain and efficient

Versions and options

  • SPIDERmove is a mobile solution and can easily be moved from one area to another
  • SPIDER is the built-in version
  • The foam volume is dependent on the cargo volume or room size
  • The hardness of the foam can be adapted to the specific needs of the application
  • Can be triggered manually or automatically
  • Flexible interface for connecting to external security layers like GPS, alarms etc
  • The FOAM DEFENDER can be complimented by including the NEBULA fogging system particularly effective in larger rooms or vaults
  • Additional services for maintenance contracts or leasing options are available
SPIDER model: move built-in
Dimensions W / D / H: 80 / 63 / 111cm 80 / 55 / 111cm
Weight 210kg 186kg
Foam type: 2-component composition
Mixing type: Static high-speed mixing
Foaming and hardening time: 60% of the volume within 30 seconds, 95% under 1 minute
Automatic attack detections: Cutting sensor, break open of door, BOOMSENSOR (explosion sensor), shooting sensors, acceleration sensor (accidents), fire sensor, remote activation, movement sensor etc.
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