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GEHRER Best Price Guarantee

At Gehrer, we are dedicated to promoting the continued use of cash by ensuring it remains a cost-effective option for everyone. Our commitment is solidified through our "Best Price Guarantee", where we promise to offer the lowest possible price on our products and services that facilitate cash handling. This initiative is designed to support not only our customers but also the broader community in maintaining access to cash as a viable payment method.

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

The "Best Price Guarantee" ensures that every Gehrer customer - whether you are just joining us or have been with us for years - receives the best possible pricing on our products and services related to cash management. We believe that by reducing the cost of cash transactions, we can help maintain its role as an essential economic component.

How It Works

  • Comprehensive Cost Assessment: We regularly analyze market trends and our pricing strategies to ensure that we offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

  • Price Match Promise: If you find a lower price for a similar product or service from another provider, we promise to match it. Simply provide us with proof of the competitor's pricing.

  • Continuous Updates: Our pricing policies are reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain aligned with our commitment to promoting cash usage by offering the best value.

Benefits of the Best Price Guarantee

  • Cost Efficiency: Lower your expenses related to cash handling, making it easier and more affordable to manage cash transactions.

  • Transparency: Clear, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. You always know what you're paying for and why.

  • Support for Cash Transactions: In an increasingly digital world, maintaining the viability of cash is crucial for many businesses and individuals who rely on it daily.

Our Commitment

Gehrer is committed to supporting the economic landscape by ensuring that cash remains a practical and economical choice. Our "Best Price Guarantee" is a testament to our dedication to this cause, making sure that all stakeholders can benefit from reduced costs in cash handling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gehrer's Best Price Guarantee

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

The Best Price Guarantee is our promise to you that Gehrer offers the lowest prices on products and services related to cash management. We are committed to making cash handling affordable and accessible, supporting the ongoing use of cash.

How can I benefit from the Best Price Guarantee?

All our customers, both new and existing, are eligible for the Best Price Guarantee. This initiative ensures you are receiving the most cost-effective product or service, helping you manage daily business without concern over high costs.

What should I do if I find a lower price elsewhere?

If you find a lower offered price from another provider for an equivalent product or service, please contact us with evidence of the lower price. Once we verify the price and ensure the product or service comparison is equivalent, we will match that price.

Are all Gehrer products and services covered by the Best Price Guarantee?

The Best Price Guarantee applies to all our cash handling products and services. For specific products or services not covered, please contact our customer service team for more details.

How often are prices reviewed under the Best Price Guarantee?

We continuously monitor market conditions and review our prices regularly to ensure they remain the most competitive in the industry.

Can I combine the Best Price Guarantee with other promotions?

Yes sure, the Best Price Guarantee is also valid in combination with other promotions or discounts unless specifically stated. Our goal is to provide the lowest price possible, to make cash handling affordable and accessible, supporting the ongoing use of cash.

What proof do I need to provide to qualify for a price match?

Please provide an advertisement, quote, or link showing the current lower price that is available. The offer must be valid at the time of your request and provide a comparable product or service in terms of conditions, warranties, and model.

What happens if Gehrer cannot match a competitor's price?

While we strive to offer the best prices, if we cannot match a competitor's price, we will still work to offer you the best possible deal. Additionally, we will review our pricing strategies to ensure we continue to provide great value.

Where can I find more information about the Best Price Guarantee?

For more detailed information about the Best Price Guarantee, please contact our customer support team directly.