Staining with security ink
Optimal protection of the valuables
Staining with security ink

MCB - Money Collection Box

High security, various application options, economical to run.
The valuables in the MCB will be stained by the security ink and are therefore worthless to the thief.

MCB – high level of security while requiring little space

MCB with its money drop slot is the ideal solution for safely storing valuables on site, for example as a safe in Food-Trucks, banks, in cash handling centres or shopping mall cash area/till

Important features are

  • Protection of the valuables by surface protected box
  • Mechanical lock
  • Easy dismounting and reinstallation
  • Lightweight design, no further construction modifications are required

Protective functions

  • Protection of valuables against pilferage, theft and robbery
  • Protection of courier against attack, whether from duress, violence, kidnapping
  • Protection against complicity and misuse

Protective devices

  • Alarm and staining
  • Surface protection protection against sabotage
  • Anti-snatch
  • Mechanical lock

Dimensions and Options

  • Very compact, easy mounting and dismounting, very little space needed
  • Electronic lock
  • Code-lock system

Dimensions and weight

Inner net volume mm Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (mm)
260 350 400 41 kg