For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

SAT Security Briefcase

Electronic security briefcase and portable safe with ink or smoke dye system.
The SAT security briefcase safeguards your valuables during transport as well as on site. It also protects the courier against attack, misuse and blackmail.

SAT Security Briefcase for transport of valuables

The SAT security briefcase has been developed for the transport of value in various sectors for companies as well as for individuals. It is used specifically for the transport and short-term storage of money and securities. The SAT can be ordered with smoke coloring or ink staining.


The SAT security briefcase has been designed for the transport of valuables by all kinds of firms and private people. It is especially useful for the safe transportation and short term storage of money, stocks and shares. The SAT briefcase can be ordered with ink or smoke dye system. The SAT is the only security case with a «safe function»: two locks, surface protection and time monitoring. Cutting the shell is unsuccessful: the entire surface is electronically protected, as are the hinges and the locks.

Protection functions

  • Safeguarding valuables against snatching and loss during transport
  • Safeguarding valuables against theft and spying whilst stationary
  • Prevention of complicity and misuse
  • Protection of the courier against attacks and suspicion
  • Protection of contents (through colouring)

Protection devices

  • 2-key principle, ensures the 4-eyes principle
  • Electronic overall surface protection
  • Alarm
  • Ink or smoke for staining valuables and startling attacker
  • Anti-snatch grip handle
  • On site protection against theft by ripcord
  • Safe function with timing mechanism

Equipped with three test systems

The SAT has three test Systems

  • Automatic test on power-up (with acoustic signal to show it is ready for use)
  • Automatic battery test
  • Manual test option for user

The bag rippers (option) ensure strong perforation of the safe bags and this ensures optimal staining of the bank notes.

Dimensions and weight

Inner net volume mm Depth Height Width Weight
Typ S 90 / 120 230 430 6,3 kg / 4,1 kg
Typ A2 120 / 150 270 470 7,4 kg / 4,4 kg
Typ M 130 / 160 320 565 9,5 kg / 5,7 kg