Development of security systems
Gehrer Security Solutions since 1978
Development of security systems

GEHRER AG – was founded as an equity company in 1978 in the heart of Switzerland, on the beautiful Lake of Zurich.


  • 1978 - Foundation of GEHRER AG by Eugen, Kurt and Peter Gehrer, based in Uster, Switzerland.

  • 1979 - Presentation of the security briefcase and safe SAT at sales chains, post office, insurance companies and police in Switzerland. Relocation of the company headquarters to Wädenswil.

  • 1980 - Various representations established in Europe. Special SAT solutions such as: SAT MC Money Collection, SAT DATA for safe transport of data carriers and SAT CC Cash Collecting with insertion sluice.

  • 1984 - Launch of the ETS electronic transport safety device for professional transport companies for the safe transport of customer containers. Loud alarms and colored smoke drastically reduced the attack rate.

  • 1989 - Launch of the Valoren transport container VTC with dyeing device inside the container. Various sizes and locking mechanisms have been developed for domestic and foreign customers.

  • 1992 - Presentation of the first trunk system for one-man operation of unarmored vehicles. With this new development the value transport was revolutionized in many countries because a single carrier was able to transport cash safely in a standard vehicle. The signal effect of the colored smoke was complemented by ink staining.

  • 1996 - Launch of the large-volume Valora Transport Box VTB with complete vehicle installations enabled the introduction of safe transport in emerging markets.

  • 1997 - The launch of a contactless, self-destructing key, Electronic Lock Protection ELP, enabled many customer solutions for handing over, retrieving, storing and unmanned opening at the destination. This key won’t get lost and the control is greatly simplified.
  • 1998 - The Cash Collecting System CCS enables the value transport company with only one device per vehicle, the safe and affordable cash collection from multiple customers. This device revolutionized the transport of money in many countries.
  • 2002 - Relocation of the place of business to Siebnen.
  • 2006 - Introduction of the transport system Boa and Cobra for a safe transport of authentic ATMs cassettes of various manufacturers on the sidewalk and in unarmored vehicle.

  • 2007 - Introduction of the Viper, the transport container of the modern WTU, equipped with the highest security systems.

  • 2008 - Introduction of the Cash Collecting System Simple CCS Si, later renamed into LION Cash Collector, which allows the messenger to safely deposit the money.

  • 2012 - Entry into the distribution of money deposit machines and the establishment of a swiss-wide service organization.

  • 2014 - Development of innovative vehicle concepts for our WTU customers, which offer a cost-effective and flexible application.

  • 2015 - Expansion into new markets and further development of existing products.

  • 2016 - Development of the JaZZ - Deposit counter with ink protection.

  • 2018 - Introdcution of the Gecko the valuable rack system with ink protection to secure your valuables, a large number of security bags and for ATM cassettes.

  • 2019 - Foundation of GEHRER Deutschland GmbH with its own office space and employees.
  • 2021 - Development of the STORK Cash Delivery System (CDS) for the delivery of cash with just one device
  • 2023 - Introduction of the cost-effective NATRIX cash transport case with ink colouring