Protection in case of abuse and violence
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Protection in case of abuse and violence


Gehrer Technology

Gehrer deliberately offers fog as a defense system in addition to smoke technology. After all, our many years of experience in the field of transporting valuables and many discussions with our customers have shown that there is also a need for protection in interiors and vehicles without, for example, walls being stained.

The fog technology is suitable for protection in interiors. The modern and sophisticated system is automatically activated in case of an attack on your valuables, dense fog fills the room immediately and an attack is immediately made more difficult. This hinders offenders in their orientation, generates attention and deter thieves in combination with a loud alarm. The fog system can also be used where conventional smoke is not desired or allowed.

Your advantages

Our fog system does not pose any health risks to people when the resulting fog is inhaled. This technology is particularly popular in vehicles and their loading areas as well as in buildings. An additional advantage is that fog does not leave any damage to valuables or interiors. 

Would you like to know if this is the right technology to protect your valuables optimally against a robbery? Please contact us!

Fog appears from a case on a parking space