and protection of valuables
Deterrence of the perpetrator
and protection of valuables

Systems with smoke, heat, fog and alarm

We have many years of experience with different systems and technologies to deter the perpetrator. Our top priority is always prevention, but even in case of an attack, we have the necessary knowledge to minimize or avoid the loss of value for our customers.

Years of experience

The many years of experience in the use of smoke, heat and fog bodies prove that efficiency in the depreciation of cash, valuables or documents is always guaranteed. The perpetrator is deterred by the heat, strong smoke or fog, and usually throws away the container with the values. This prevents the values - whether colored or not - from being lost. The protection is thus not limited to coloring but also to avoid losing the values as far as possible.


Integrated alarm system

The data carriers or documents are immediately destroyed by the heat (bodies). This prevents the perpetrators from gaining valuable information, such as backup tapes. The money colored with smoke or ink is neutralized and depreciated. In addition, all our units are equipped with a well-integrated, highly developed and reliable alarm system, which serves as pre-warning and deterrence (before ignition). GPS, GSM or other tracking instruments can also be integrated into our products.

Protection of the messenger

The protection of the messenger always has top priority for us. Only if the messenger does not influence the process and cannot sabotage the devices, he is protected against complicity. The protection of the messenger is optimally ensured with our products through the use of a combination of different systems and technologies.