Convict the perpetrator legally
DNA marker as effective deterrents
Convict the perpetrator legally

DNA and other marks

By the use of DNA and other marks, perpetrators are successfully deterred and on the other hand can be better identified and legally transferred, in the event of a successful attack. Such tracers are used especially in countries where attacks are on the agenda.

SigNature DNA Marker

We are certified as Gehrer for the use of DNA. The DNA is incorporated, documented and registered in the ink as a SigNature DNA Marker. The stolen material can worldwide quickly be identified by means of the legal, forensic SigNature DNA marker and the perpetrators can be transferred without a doubt and legally.


Effective deterrence

Analyzes and statistics show that effective and appropriate deterrence of the criminal scene is ensured by the use of DNA markers. There are many practical examples in which perpetrators were successfully thanks to this technology. There are a variety of different tracers in this field. We will be glad to provide you more detailed information about the possibilities.