For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

VTC - Valuables Transport Container

The VTC cassette is used in the professional transport of valuables against the risk of pavement.
Ideal for the protection of values and the messenger from the armored vehicle to the customer and back.

Valuables Transport Container

The VTC can also be supplied with ELP (Electronic Lock Protection System). The lock of the VTC may then only be opened with the key if the courier has passed the VTC by an ID-sticker fixed in the customer's security zone. The ELP checks authorisation for the VTC and provided that acceptance has been given, it will release the block of lock.


The VTC has been designed to eliminate pavement risk by CIT with armoured cars i.e. for the protection of both valuables and staff during transport from or to the armoured car. The VTC combines the functions of Container and security case. Its use is therefore especially designated where the valuables of the dient are delivered in perforated plastic- or fabric bags or consist of loose cash.

Protective functions

  • Protection of valuables against larceny, theft and robbery
  • Protection of Courier against hold-ups, snatching, blackmailing, kidnapping, intimidation, attacks and suspicion
  • Protection against complicity and misuse
  • Protection of valuables by staining contents and the emission of smoke
  • Event recorder records all movements

Protective devices

  • Solide case with hand protection against forcible robbery
  • Special handle with automatic safeguard against snatch attempts
  • Pre-set time limits for the transport, to prevent being taken hostage
  • Loud alarm
  • Smoke emission inside and outside
  • Security circuit for the electric current with anti-sabotage protection
  • Safety lock to open the VTC

Dimensions and weight

depending on model and specification