For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

VTB/VTR - Valuables Transport Box/Trolley

High Security, proven to be the best of its type, economical to run.
For the protected transport of values in non-armored or partially armored vehicles.
For stationary transport (mounted in the vehicle) or as a trolly for mobile use. Safe and transportable safe in one.

Cash safe and transportable safe

For the protected transport of values in non-armored or partially armored vehicles (one-man service). The diversity of the models and options allows a customer-oriented and demand-oriented solution of the transport tasks. An aluminum box can be used with various options as a box for the stationary (mounted in the vehicle) use or as a trolly for mobile use.


Applications, VTB

  • For the safe transport of valuables in non-armoured vehicles (one man operation)
  • As Container for collected and deposited valuables (through sluice)

Applications, VTR

  • For the transport of large volumes and heavy weight by only one person
  • For collecting valuables at supermarkets, airports, amusement parks, etc.

Protective functions

  • Protection of valuables against theft and robbery
  • Protection of the courier against attacks, blackmailing, kidnapping, intimidation, physical assault, suspicion
  • Eliminating complicity
  • Protection of contents (through colouring)

Protective devices

  • Pre-set time limits for the transport to prevent being taken as hostage
  • Alarm and smoke or ink for colouring the valuables
  • Automatically activated anti-snatch protection
  • Surface protection
  • Protection against sabotage

The following options are available

  • Site protection (against theft) VTB
  • Unlocking by entering code or electronic key VTB
  • Grip protection (against snatch robbery/pavement risk) VTR
  • Electronic surface protection (against cutting open) VTB/VTR
  • Break-open protection (against cracking the cover) VTB/VTR
  • Cash collector sluice (to deposit small Containers) VTB/VTR
  • Touch point «hands free» (to let go of the grip) VTR
  • Additional lock (to let go of the handle during transportation in a vehicle) VTR

Other options such as movement detectors, time limits and control lamps (LED) improve comfort and allow additional applications.

Force-controlled safety functions

All security functions are fully automatic and therefore cannot be influenced in any way by employees, thus complicity and blackmailing are excluded. The courier never has any access to the transported goods, so misuse and suspicions are also eliminated.

Dimensions and weight

depending on model and specification