For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

ETS - Electronic Transport System

The ETS is the ideal solution for the risk of payment.
The protective device secures all standard transport containers, which have a stable handle by simple "docking".
For thousands of years in operation!


The ETS instrument provides the solution for the pavement risk in the professional transport of valuables with armoured cars. The apparatus can be attached to all normal transport containers, including those of clients, as long as they possess a stable handle. In this way it provides both for the valuables and the courier optimal security and has proved itself in the praxis with excellent results.

Protection functions

  • Protects the courier during transport of the valuables
  • Loan against intimidation and miss handling
  • Protection of the messenger against aggression and suspicion
  • Event recorder records all movements

Protection devices

  • Loud alarm
  • Grip with automatic protection against snatch attacks
  • Strang external emission of smoke cloud after the attack and after the ignition of the device