For the safe transport of valuables
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For the safe transport of valuables

JaZZ - The compact Cash Deposit System

Banknotes are protected by our IBNS note coloring system.
The JaZZ deposit counter is designed for use by retailers who want to automate the cash turnover.
Once the cash has been paid in the JaZZ, it is almost already in the bank account for the retailer.

JaZZ - efficiency and high security

The JaZZ is the only cash deposit System that combines efficiency over the whole life span with high security. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of CIT companies. The JaZZ is the only single payer to combine efficiency with safety over the entire lifecycle. The product is specially tailored to the needs of the value transport companies. The JaZZ includes an end-to-end solution - the messenger has no direct access to the banknotes.

For use with retailers

The JaZZ Cash Deposit System is designed for retailers that want to have their cash turnover automated. Once deposited into the JaZZ it is like having the cash already on the bank account.

The CIT Company is connected to the JaZZ and plans the collection. Depending on the Services of the CIT Company the cash value can be credited the same day it was deposited. Furthermore most of the CIT companies do insure the cash in the JaZZ.

The retailers can reduce the security risks by having the overflow of the cash desks quickly deposited in the JaZZ. Every banknote is verified to its authenticity, every deposit is receipted by the integrated printer.

Hardware features of the JaZZ

  • Touchscreen
  • Single note validator: 60-100 banknotes/min
  • Two functions: banknote Validation with or without deposit
  • Integrated receipt printer
  • Banknotes stacked into a cassette: capacity minimum 1200 banknotes, or
  • Banknotes stacked into a safebag which is automatically sealed when safedoor is opened (end-2-end Solution): capacity minimum 1000 banknotes

Software features

  • Multi language display
  • Multi currency validator
  • Remote firmware update
  • Remote currency templates update
  • Communication by LAN, GPRS, Wifi
  • Can be adapted to specific communication protocol of CIT companies

Device protection

  • Strongbox, intelligent safe, protection autonomous of external power supply
  • Protected against intrusion and removing from its location
  • IBNS Ink staining in case of an attack
  • Loud alarm

Dimensions and Options

  • Very compact, low installation costs, very little space needed
  • Mounting possible at the floor, wall, under desks

  • Coin counter, barcode reader, bundler, higher capacities, CEN III safe, etc

Dimensions and weight

Number of banknotes Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
1000 notes 240 380 590
2000 notes 240 380 740
3000 notes 240 380 840