Development of security systems
Gehrer Security Solutions since 1978
Development of security systems

Gehrer Security Solutions – the specialist for safety systems

GEHRER Security Solutions is located in Siebnen, Switzerland, on the beautiful Lake of Zurich. We are THE experienced, innovative and reliable partner for national and international transports of value and money.

We manufacture containers, security cases as well as complex and up-to-date systems in the highest Swiss standard for retailers, banks, exchange offices, filling stations and WTU companies.

Our strengths

Our strength lies in the outstanding, individual, robust and still light, easy to handle as well as reasonably priced solutions for the money transport. We deliver in «no time» optimal, customized, economical security systems to meet individual customer requirements and needs.

Valutions are neutralized

The objects are neutralized and rendered worthless by fog, smoke, heat or ink staining. For further information and details, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The philosophy of GEHRER: to produce innovative, safe and cost-effective products in order to ensure the «protection of values as well as for the messenger». Our success shows that we are on the right track with consistently high Swiss quality, precision, perfection, top maintenance and services at home and abroad.

Visit us in Switzerland and get your own idea in our pleasant ambience how perfectly functioning GEHRER safety systems are manufactured. We are looking forward to welcoming you!